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Go•lem noun
[Yiddish goylem, from Hebrew gOlem, shapeless mass]
1. Artificial human being endowed with life by supernatural means
2. Mechanism that can move automatically [synonyms : automaton, robot]

Lab•s (abbr of lab•o•ra•to•ries)
1. Place devoted to experiments in any branch of natural science
2. Place where something is prepared

GolemLabs has over ten years of experience developing video games of all kinds on a multitude of platforms. Our employees are gamers, first and foremost, and together we're producing games with enthusiasm and commitment.

GolemLabs was born with the mission of producing intelligent and one of a kind video games, aiming to fill the increasing need for novelty and originality in the industry.

Our company is located in the heart of downtown Sherbrooke, minutes away from internationally renowned Sherbrooke University. Offering all the convenience of the city as well as the benefits of nearby countryside, Sherbrooke offers its residents an exceptional quality of life, with a vast range of things to do all year long, covering everything from sports, to culture, theatres and outdoor activities.

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10th Anniversary of the release of Superpower


On this day in 2002, Superpower was released for retail accross North-America (Europe soon followed a couple of weeks later). This little game, created in the basements of 3 aspiring game designers, would end up selling hundreds of thousands of copies. It also launched numerous copycats and a sequel. Even though technology changed quite a lot, and people came and went, we're still driven by the same passion, dedication and commitment to create different, intelligent games.

Thanks to the fans who supported us throughout the years and still maintain a very vibrant community, and stay tuned for exciting upcoming news concerning the Superpower futur!